Students' Showcase

English Writing 2022-2023
Lunar New Year 1A Mak To Sang
My School 1A Pang Ngo Fai
My Favourite Character 1B Chan Jia Hao
My Favourite Festival 2A Hung Kin Chiu
My Favourite Pet 2A Ng Wing Hei
Email : A great holiday 3A Tang Heung Wan
The Unforgettable Holiday 3B Tsui Paxton
My First Wakeboarding Experience 3C Kitus Wong
Sky 4B Ng Man Hin Angus
Ocean 4B Ye Hok Wun
Life in Planet Alienmoon 5C Lau Tsun Yu Conrad
Robots 5C Lau Wang Ngai
My Invention 6A Chow Lok Dao Daniel
The Missing Student 6A Lam Javin
Don't take things for granted 6A Lee Wang Hei