Language-rich Learning Environment Scheme (LRLE)
  1. In 2005 all primary schools under the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong first implemented the LRLE Policy which aimed at providing a stimulating English language-rich learning environment in school.
  2. The second stage of the LRLE policy involving also secondary schools and kindergartens has started since 2010, emphasizing the use of English as the medium of communication with students.


  1. To let students learn and use English and Putonghua in a natural way inside and outside classrooms;
  2. To raise students’ motivation and interest in language learning;
  3. To let infuse into students’ daily lives the habit of using English or Putonghua to communicate with one another;
  4. To let students perceive that languages play an important role as keys not only to open doors to different areas of knowledge but also to meet people from many different places because English is widely spoken while Putonghua is popularly used;
  5. To free languages from being kept in a certain place and used at a certain time..
  1. Facilitation of the creation of an authentic language-rich society.
  2. Contribution of the making of a second English-spoken place in Asia where people can manage using their own language as well as English, both in spoken and written forms at the same time.