Parent-Teacher Association

St. Joseph's Parent-teacher Association (PTA) was formed in 1971. PTA provides the means for the parents to actively support the school. It also plays a key role in providing funds and assistance for the facilities and extra-curricular activities. Regular meetings are held to keep all informed, to let us get to know each other better, and to prepare plans for the coming events.

You may volunteer to help at any or all PTA events. We welcome your input and help at all times.

Contact: Tel.: 82093456
Email:[email protected]
Advisors: Supervisor (Primary Section)
Supervisor (Secondary Section)
Principal (Primary Section)
Principal (Secondary Section)
Mr. Chu Fu Yau
Mr. Chu Fu Yau
Mr. Cheng Tak Ming Timothy
Mr. Poon Wing Keung

Committee Members
Parent Members Teacher Members
Chairperson Mr. Lam Tak-ming
Vice-chairperson Mr. Chan Oi-fai Vice-chairperson Ms. Yu Oi-ying
Secretary Mr. Lam Chi-wang Vice-secretary Ms. Yam Kin-hing
Treasurer Mr. Yu Chung-tsang Mick Vice-treasurer Mr. Chan Chi-kwan
Auditor Mr. Wong Kwan-yee Kenneth Vice-auditor Ms. Chu Pui-ying
General Affairs Mr. Sun Chi-hang Vice-general affairs Mr. Ng Kam-ting
Recreation Ms. Ng Yu-ting Vice-recreation Mr. Lam Kwan-him
Welfare Ms. Ng Pui-shan Vice-welfare Mr. Tam Ching-kwan
Member Mr. Lim Wan-ke Member Ms. Yip Wai-ling Winnie
  Ms. Fan On-kei Angie   Ms. Tang Hiu-kwan
  Ms. Chong Lai-ming  

Ms. Leung Wai-yee

Committee Activities
Parent-Child Picnic
(24 March 2019)
Parent-Teacher Association Election
(16 Nov 2018)
PTA Committee Gathering
(6 Feb 2015)
PTA Talk
Annual Dinner
PTA Information / Course

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